Exquisite Accolades

What They Say

"The class of Custom-Made"

"Old school with a twist"

"H&S suits are both of extremely refined quality and classic"

"Their experience is one-of-its kind in the country"

Sartorial Excellence

Tailored Elegance Reimagined

Welcome to Herringbone & Sui, where bespoke tailoring meets modern-day sartorial elegance. We believe that every individual has a unique style narrative, and we're here to craft that story just for you.

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Sartorial Journey Awaits

Atelier Experience

Over an exquisite cup of coffee, let's explore your sartorial desires and provide expert H&S style guidance.

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The Art of Bespoke

Sartorial Craftsmanship

High-End Construction Materials

Discover the pinnacle of luxury with our premium fabrics and horse hair linings, meticulously selected for durability and elegance.

Custom Patterns

Embrace your individuality with custom patterns tailored to your unique style and fit, ensuring a distinctive and personal expression.

Expert Artisanal Techniques

Experience the fusion of Neapolitan tradition and contemporary innovation, with each garment handcrafted to exemplify unparalleled quality.

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