A tailoring experience with Herringbone & Sui starts with selecting the finest fabrics, choosing the style and cut, and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted precisely to your measurements and personalized inside and out.

Next, we take your measurements and notes on build, stance and posture. The cutter then sketches your unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to shape the two-dimensional panels that will combine into a form-fitting garment. The cloth is then cut from this pattern and passed to the tailor, the garment’s creator.

A short while later, you will have a fitting on your next visit and experience an unfinished draft of a garment that existed only in your imagination. Personalising a made-to-measure garment is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from something made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of construction, from lapels to pleats, is outlined by you. At the same time, handpicked buttons, linings, and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.

Herringbone & Sui has a genuine dedication to craft, personalization and heritage woven into every aspect of our collections. We work with precision to turn cloth into a product of distinction.