About our construction

Bespoke Jackets

Individually made using your unique measurements, personalized to reflect your style. A Personal Stylist will help you find your ideal fit.

Each of our jackets is made to fit your body in a way no other jacket ever could. Dinner date or business meeting, you simply can't go wrong.

Horse Hair Interlining

We use the finest horsehair-reinforced lining, which give our jackets a smooth, rounded form. This ensures the canvas conforms to your body's shape, allowing for a perfect fit.

Functional Buttonholes

Our suits have hand-stitched sleeve-ends and functional buttonholes.

Boat Shaped Breast Pocket

Our breast pockets are boat shaped rather than square so as to highlight the natural contours of your body. It’s a lot more work to construct but we think it’s worth it.

Our Shirts

Made from the finest fabrics and cut to your exact measurements, a shirt by Herringbone & Sui is a shirt for life.

Our Trousers

A well-dressed man can always be identified by how finely made his trousers are. Don't give anyone a chance to think otherwise!

Trouser Band

We use a specially sourced trouser band at the end of your trousers that prevents abrasion on the hems and allows for a perfect fall.

  1. waistbands
  2. lined till your knees
  3. trouser band at the end of your trousers